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40+ ... More Muscle!
Want a post-exercise pick-me-up that does more than just wet your whistle? One of these drinks contains loads of whey protein for muscle recovery and repair, plus offers tons of other muscle- maximizing benefits.

1. Chocolate milk
2. Skim milk
3. Wheat grass juice
4. Half-caf soy latte

40+ ... A Solid Structure!
If you want to stay standing tall and strong long past forty, hit your favorite seafood joint for a heaping helping of this mouthwatering high-protein, low-fat entrée.

1. Lobster
2. Clams
3. Alaskan king crab
4. Sea bass

40+ ... Stunning Strength!
Packing in protein is essential to packing on lean muscle. Calorie for calorie, one food delivers more biologically usable protein than any other, including beef. Do you know which it is?

1. Ahi tuna
2. Eggs
3. Bison burger
4. Turkey breast

40+ ... Sizzling Sex!
Want to boost your sex drive and enjoy more powerful orgasms? Forget the fancy body oils and raw oysters; instead, add this scientifically proven "aphrodisiac" to your breakfast menu.

1. High-fiber cereal
2. Egg white omelet
3. Grapefruit
4. Oatmeal

Get all of these tips and many, many more, plus workouts, recipes, stress busters, and everything else you need to be twice the man you were at half the age you are now!

Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!
Packed with tons of practical, scientifically backed advice; no-gym, no-crunches workouts; tasty, fat-frying recipes; plus a troubleshooter’s reference guide to body maintenance and repair, Your Best Body at 40+ is the ultimate handbook for reinventing your life.

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Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!

Take back your hard body, your all-day energy, and your smokin’ sex life — and never let go again!

Welcome to the most crucial
decade of your life.

The 10-year span between the ages of 40 and 50 is the greatest opportunity you’ll ever have to shed pounds, build new muscle, and uncover a leaner, fitter, smarter, happier you.

Forget about 40 being "middle-aged." In fact, scientists agree that just about everything we thought we knew about aging is false. The problems typically attributed to aging actually have less to do with your years and more to do with your rear — and how much time it spends parked on the couch.

And even if you’re an official member of your local couch potato chapter, it's not too late to rediscover your firm, flat abs … chiseled chest … strong arms … and so much more. Really.

See, it's never too late to build muscle. It's just different than when we were in our 20s or 30s. From 40 onward, we have to be a lot smarter about it. And that's where Your Best Body at 40+ comes in.

Inside Your Best Body at 40+, you'll discover the ultimate
4-week plan to conquer this crucial decade; sculpt a
lean, fit physique; and generate the motivation
tokeep it up for the rest of your life.

To create Your Best Body at 40+, the experts from Men's Health and best-selling author Jeff Csatari burned through and boiled down a whole world of scientific research, focusing on the newest information targeted precisely to the 40+ man. They've gathered all the latest scientific information into a simple, easy-to-follow plan that's guaranteed to turn back the clock and get you in the shape of your life.

The exercise and eating plan you’ll find in this one-of-a-kind guide will change the way you look, feel, and live, faster than you ever thought possible. With the proven program inside Your Best Body at 40+, in just 4 short weeks, you can:


Build Muscle and Lose Weight.
With the program of strength- and muscle-building exercises in this revolutionary book — complete with step-by-step directions and pictures — you can drop up to 15 pounds of fat and add lean muscle that will turbocharge your metabolism — without any annoying calorie-counting.

  Look and Feel 10 Years Younger. Find out how to target specific muscle fibers responsible for speed and power to put more spring in your step and actually keep up with your teens on the court and field.

  Injury-Proof Your Body. Learn the specific exercises your 40+ body needs to keep your bones strong and protected for the rest of your life.

  Have More (and Hotter!) Sex. Get the simple secrets to whip up your libido, lift your mood, boost your energy, and improve blood flow where it counts.

  Live Longer. Discover the delicious superfoods that activate your longevity genes and slash your risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and more.

  Think Faster and Smarter. Grow your gray matter (it's true!) with scientifically tested tricks for enhancing blood flow to your brain.

Strip Away Stress. Axe anxiety, defeat depression, boost your mood, and step up your self-confidence with all-natural techniques that work just as well as prescription medication.

Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!
Order Your Best Body at 40+ Now!